Northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus)

Scientific Classification
Species:Glaucomys sabrinus
Common:Northern flying squirrel

One of only two species of flying squirrel found in North America. They can be found in coniferous and mixed forests from Alaska to Nova Scotia, south to North Carolina and west to California.


Male and females are similar in appearance. They are small, nocturnal, arboreal rodents with thick light brown or cinnamon fur on their upper body, with a furry membrane which extends between the front and rear leg that allows the animal to glide through the air. They have large black eyes. They appear similar to Southern flying squirrels which are smaller and have belly hairs that are often white all the way to the base.


Northern flying squirrel
Northern flying squirrel
Groveland, California (2010)
Northern flying squirrel
Northern flying squirrel
Groveland, California (2010)
Northern flying squirrel
Northern flying squirrel
Groveland, California (2010)

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